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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 14, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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straight ahead, an attempt to unite the right in charlottesville highlights the deep racial divides all across the country. this morning the central virginia college town is quite just days after it became a battleground between white supremacists and protesters. three people are dead including a woman hit and killed by a driver who rammed a group of counter protesters. today the 20-year-old suspect is due in court and we'll be live outside. ♪ meanwhile displays of love popping up nationwide in response to the hate on did you play over the weekend. >> many different responses to the attack in charlottesville from official washington but many people saying the one from president trump and white house didn't go far enough. i'm melanie alnwick with what the president plans to do today. >> i'm just letting you know gh
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future. okay. so take that very very seri seriously. [ cheers and applause ] >> situation in charlottesville taking center stage at last night's teen choice awards. we'll have more on zendaya's message to the fans. >> and later, a big break for the nationals after bryce harper dodges a bullet. we'll have more on this condition. plus the team's newest pitcher uva alumni speaking out about the violence in charlottesville. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ good day d.c. it's 9:01 on this monday, augush along allison seymour and wisdom martin. holly has the morning off. steve is live in charlottesville where that suspect is to make hid first court appearance in about an hour. we'll check in with steve in just a moment. first, though, let's get right to the very latest from central virginia
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we are learning more about the suspect and his possible neyo nazi sim pa these. learning more bout victim in the crash 32-year-old heather heyer. also still more questions than answers after that helicopter crash that killed two virginia state troopers. meanwhile, there's also a lot of questions about president trump's reaction to the clashes which has been met with part pi toy san backlash for not being tough enough on the hate groups responsible for the violence. melanie alnwick will have more on that part of the story in just a moment. but first let's turn things over to instead of scenery live in charlottesville this morning. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. you talked about the victim in this case heather heyer the 32-year-old woman who died after a car rolled down a street into the number of the counter protesters that happened right here where i'm standing the memorial behind me continues to grow flu out the day yesterday. it's been pretty quite so far this morning. last night they had a vigil that was in this area an lot of people came he
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light candles, et cetera to honor her life and those who were injured a lot of those injured are still not recovered as you might imagine after being struck by that vehicle. just erie when you talk to people this morning who were here, who heard that car come down the street, bottom out because it's a very hilly area here. before it struck the protesters and one gentleman i just had chance to talk to said when that vehicle backed up and you've probably seen that video that high speed backing back up the hill at that point some people feared that that person may drive back again that was just getting ready to drive down into that crowd once again. so a lot of fear when that was happening on saturday night. but this morning on this monday morning, charlottesville regrouping. businesses are back open again. what had been a very quite weekend as far as folks staying inside locked their doors not the case. you see people on their morning runs early this morning. people walking to work early this morning. i had chance to talk to a couple of people long-time charlottesville residents about and what it's like for charlottesville getting back to work and moving forward. >> things seemed to be fairly normal.
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everything calm and peaceful as it always is this time of the morning. i'm just hoping things can settle down a little bit and people can somehow figure out a way to get through this without the violence and the hatefulness and all of that. >> i'm not sure what to do to take the next step. i'm worried that there's going to be moral lease across the nation, possibly even moral lease here. there's an injunction against removing the statue. so i don't really feel safe while the statue is still here. >> reporter: that woman lo long-term charlottesville resident is not a fan statue. i understand from historical point of view perspective there are both sides here. but then she said after what happened over the weekend, she's like i really would lik to see it gone at this point. the gentleman i was just talking about who was here when the car crashed down the street he literally came down here a few minutes ago. his shirt was tied to this sign end came down to untie
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piece sign on it he wanted that piece sign to be part of the memorial to heather ton those other victims who were injured when that car cam came crashing down the street on saturday. so that's what's happening right now as far as the vigils that were held over the weekend of course the big question now, what happens in court in little bit. hearing this could happen any time in the next hour district court a short distance away. the big question, though, guys, is whether or not that suspect who was driving that vehicle will actually appear in court as in physical in the courtroom or if this will be a video link in the courtroom. that we're still waiting to find out. >> as we wait, steve, i'm curious, is there still a strong police preps? i understand the national guard was down there at some point and police were in full gear regalia this past weekend. is there still a police presence there? >> reporter: there was yesterday, maureen, and i think a lot of that when i talked to a number of people this morning basically had the same line of thinking, as you saw the video of the organizer of the unite the right rally trying to hold that press conferenc
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protesters kind of took over the microphone and saw him chased through the burbs, back around the city hall area with a police escort. once that happened, from what most people have been telling me this morning, once that happened, the remaining white nationalist protester who's were here seemed to leave and it seemed to be a sense of calm that fell over the city after that point. i've talked to number of people here throughout the weekend. they said after that happened they really didn't see more heavily armed police presence last night. didn't see any of the protesters as well. so it seems like that's where seemed to turn a little bit and become a peaceful city which is what we're seeing this morning. >> i was going to ask about that man his name is jason kessler who from what i see he lives in charlottesville and has said that they will be back and also in d.c. today. after he was sort of shouted down and escorted into city hall and all of that, what happened? has he been seen yet, steve? i know you're sort of where the vigil s but what have you h
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>> reporter: not publicly. that's for sure. you're right. he's from -- lives in the charlottesville area. attend uva which of course is what most people know charlottesville for. but, yes, lower profile since then now online i haven't been blog online hasn't been updated- for a month. so i'm not quite sure how often he's been going to that. but as far as people saying that they have seen him or anybody else who was organizers of what happened on saturday, that's been a pretty profile since yesterday afternoon. >> steve chenevey live for us in charlottesville. checking in with you throughout the morning.& thank you for those updates. let's move on and stelle staying on charlottesville, al. >> of course it was not just charlottesville but rallies against hate were held in cities from coast to coast on yesterday. some a little more intense, intense than others. demonstrators in seattle shouting let us march and spraying silly string at police who were in riot gear. >> in new york, loud protests held outside trump tower to demonstrate against what many consider a response from the president that did not go far
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groups and white supremacist that is marred in charlottesville on saturday. president also feeling the heat from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside the white house this morning with the details. mel? >> reporter: good morning gu guys. white house national security adviser yesterday did call the riot and attacks terrorism but his boss president trump here in the white house really has not gone that far. we are expecting him to arrive here this morning but as you mentioned, the fact that he said that he condemned the violence and bigotry on many sides, that is what really drew criticism from all sides of the political spectrum and even from some of this former supporters. now, sunday the white house was in cleanup mode a item to go brief up the president's remarks written statement says the president condemns all forms of violence and quote of course that includes white vest mists, kkk, neyo nazi and all extremist groups. vice-presidenten
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columbia beginning an international trip on sunday night. he spoke about the hate filled rally in charlottesville. >> these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate and we condemn in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: meanwhile there's pressure coming from democrats and republicans for the president to say something to today. to publicly come out and condemn these hate groups. early this morning, president trump tweeted that he was coming back to washington this morning saying much worked to focus on trade and military with his trademark hash tag maga make american great again. no mention of anything having to do with charlottesville. i will say, also, foaled that up way couple of different tweets including criticizing ceo of merck pharmaceuticals who was a member of the president's manufacturing council kenneth fraser resigned. he said over the fact that president tru
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enough denounce what was going on in charlottesville and those hate groups saying, as a matter of personal conscience i feel responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism but again president trump just taking a swipe at fraser there for his resignation from the president's council. so no public event that is we know of today from president trump here at the white house. again, he's expected back here this morning and plans to go back to new york tonight. live in washington, oil melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie alnwick reporting. thank you melanie. 9:00 zen at the time still no word what caused that deadly helicopter crash saturday that killed two virginia state troopers. now the chopper crashed into a wooded area shortly after the governor declared a state of emergency. police identified them as cullen and pilot burke mm bates of quinton virginia. cullen 23 year veteran of the force. bates a 13 year veteran and he would have turned 41 yea
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today. both men were married each leaves behind two children. we'll have more on the situation in charlottesville coming up. first though we want to get update on the weather. for that we turn it he over to tucker barnes. tuck, good morning. >> good morning allison. yeah. what a beautiful day we had yesterday. daytime highs in the 80s and not a lot of humidity. changes in the form of clouds and more humidity today. the clouds have been rolling in here early this morning. mostly cloudy this afternoon. all right. current numbers 77 in washington. winds are calm. the heat index the humidity 79 degrees, and the dew point temperatures are creeping up. so again you'll feel that humidity out there as well. the cloud cover this afternoon you can see all the clouds moving in and the green on your maps, rain showers back into eastern kentucky and west virginia and you know what, we could see a stray shower around here this afternoon best chance is going to be in the mountains out to the west. so if you're along 81, hagerstown, down towards front royal you might end counter a few showers and again i can't rule out the possibility we get a stray shower around here this afternoon. 84 your
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seven day got unites 90's on it look at that and well that's all we'll look at guys. toss it back over to you. you guys look great on the couch the three of you. >> thank you tucker. we'll continue now with our news co coming out of charlotte. hate rearing it's ugly head down there over the weekend it became clear it has been hiding among us for a very long time. still ahead at 9k sitting down with former naacp ben gel list and em bam ken degree to talk about the rise of home ground extremism. right now it's 9:12 and we will be right back. back. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. we had very swept community response to this. we saw hundreds of people show up to this spot yesterday, you know, mourning the victims and denouncing the violence that had taken place. so they -- there will be a lot of conversations moving forward but i think that people are ready to start the recovery process. figuring out what do we do next. >> that's tim dotson newspaper editor from university paper describing aftermath of the violent weekend. racial tensions have been on the rise and they came to the head over the week mend charlottesville, virginia, with an act of domestic terrorism. for more on the rise of home grown hate we turn now to doctor ibram kendi a professor of history and international relations at american university g morning to you, sir. thank you very much for coming in and talking with us this
9:16 am
morning. >> good to see you. let's -- first of all give me your reaction to what happened down in charlottesville when you first initially heard about what was going on down there. >> i mean i wasn't surprised. anyone whose been following the reaction to obama's presidency and the organizing around his presidency anyone who of course has been following the surfacing of those groups as a result of trump's rise many of the people who have been following these white supremacists groups including myself weren't surprised. you know, i was -- i was actually also not surprised that there was resistance to those groups. >> right. >> when -- you mentioned president trump. when off response like he had which was a very, f you want to call eight response, a very minimal response, and then a man who normally tweets about everything, he goes silent and just ignores this and goes into another direction, how m
9:17 am
that do you think fuels this kind of hatred and this kind of violence in this country right now? >> well, i mean, there are all sorts of reports in which some of these white vest mists marching in charlottesville were chanting hail trump. they view trump as their defender. they view trump as their defender in the white house, and so for him not to sort of stand against them very strongly in the way he stood against other people he considered to be his opponents certainly i think continues to energize them. >> when you talk about, you know, whether racism still exists a lot of people talking about racism still exists i for one don't believe it ever went away, when people are talking about oh, my gosh they're surprised by this again you said you weren't surprised by this because racism has been there. it just continues to pop up and rears its ugly head every now and again on a scale like this. >> precise
9:18 am
history of racist ideas. that comes up to this days. i wanted to show the ways in these ideas racism as morphed. it's changed in ways that people have been able to sort of understand. but i think this type of racism that we witnessed in charlottesville should be very easily for people to understand. >> right. not only is it racism but the violence that followed it with the suspect driving his car through a crowd of protesters. i mean that's -- that's on another level. >> it is. but we have to understand the ideology of these groups. they view the white race as under attack. they imagine that new policies are creating a genocide, you know, among white people. these concepts night in the face of facts. they imagine that obama's presidency was harmful to white people. that nights in the face of fa facts. they imagine that trump's pod presidency will be helpful for white people. they fly in the face of facts
9:19 am
they view themselves as defenders thieves people even though the very people that they're opposeing are helping white people and the people they're champ championing are hg white people. >> how do you move forward after something like this happens? i mean there's going to be discussions there's going to be town halls about this but really how do you move forward when something tragic like this happens and you know that there's a current out there of us versus them mentality right now when you talking about some racist people who just don't like minority ross are in thinking gots going on any minority whether it's legit or not? how do you move forward? what do you do to get past something like this? >> i think what is most tragic about what happened in charlottesville is that these people view themselves as being represented in the highest levels of the power in the united states. and so i think for us, for those who are opposing these people we can't just oppose these people. we have to oppose the very forces of power that they represent. so i think, you know, the resistance
9:20 am
only be energized by what happened in charlottesville. resistance against racism and bigotry of all kinds and i think that's what we have to focus on. >> doctor, thank you very much for your time. >> you're welcome. >> we appreciate you coming in and talking with us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> all right. allison and maureen back over to you. >> wisdom, thank you very much. 9:20. the stars at the teen choice awards send message about the hate on display in charlottesville the. little later guy lambert will join us live with all the highlights. >> first erin what are you working on. >> the north korea nuclear standoff could come to a head this week. we'll tell you why, plus the hbo hackers strike again leaking some of the networks most popular upcoming comedies and later an epic ending to the pga championship. we'll have look at all the highlights when we check what else is making headlines next. ♪
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plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to >> 9:23. erin como is here with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. good morning, erin. >> good morning to all of you. we're starting with tensions with north korea remaining very high this morning. despite on-going diplomacy behind the scenes. cia director says despite president trump and promise of fire and fury kim jong-un will continue to develop his missile program and more missile tests. later this month the us will take part annual military exercise with the south korea and japan. the show of forces involvs tens of thousands of troops. the goal to dissuade north korea from military act
9:24 am
at least 17 people are dead after a turkish restaurant in burkina faso came under attack last night by suspected jihad differents an area that has been seeing a surge in violence by islamic extremists over the past few years. shots were first heard around 9am. security forces responded to the scene with armored vehicles and heavy gunfire. could still be heard hours later. so far no immediate claim of responsibility. sunday' as tack comes less than two years after terror tack killed 30 people at a downtown restaurant popular with foreigners. to the district where the search continues for two sus suspects who shot and killed a 17-year-old caught in the crossfire while driving in northeast. shamari sidnor was hit in the head by stray bullet last week. she passed away on saturday. police say she was not the intended target. she was shot when men opened fire at a group of people on saratoga avenue. police arrested one suspect philip mcdaniel and are still looking for two others. mcdaniel c
9:25 am
involvement in the shooting was dropping off two men near the attack. the hbo hackers are not letting up over the weekend they released more episodes along, curb your enthusiasm and episodes of insecure and ballers. lbo acknowledge the hackers last month. the hackers are asking for $6 million to stop the leaks. turning now to sports. the pga golf tournament comes to dramatic finish with amaze within for justin thomas who clinched his first major title. the world's 14th ranked player closed with four birdies in six hole stretch including a dramatic putt on the par 1,510th hole where his ball lingered on the left edge take a look there at the screen of the cup for several seconds before falling n how cool is that and congratulations to you, justin thomas. >> who knew about the 102nd rule? we talk about that earlier. did you know. >> i had no idea. >> learn something every day when you watch fox5 morning and good day.
9:26 am
>> erin. >> we'll have more on today's top story when we sit down with ben gellis. >> huge break from bryce -- for bryce harper and the nats because he didn't break his knee or tear up anything. >> don't say break. >> i know. we'll have update on when he could be back up in the lineup after that scary injury saturday night. night. fresh at 10a1 of the nats newest pitchers speaking out about the violence near his alma mater. his emotional message to the city of charlottesville. plus, emma rosa facing a boycott during a panel at nabj conference why she got in a fiery back and forthwith the events moderator. events moderat. mission impossible. tom cruise famous for doing his own stunts he came up short pun intended in the middle of a big jump on the set of the movie -- new 1mi6. we'll show you what happened. ♪ >> and
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we're sitting down witness star of the new tv1 drama little mama and also the director tasha smith. right now it is 9:26. we'll be right back. back.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> mourning the live of heather heyer. remember what she stood for. >> emotional vigils held across the country protests against hatred and racism taking place on sunday from new york to
9:30 am
seattle people converging to did he cry the violence in virginia. the suspect accused of driving his car into a peaceful protesters on saturday is expected to face a judge today. 20-year-old james fields, jr. facing second degree murder charges. authorities say he rammed his car no a large crowd of people who had gat gathered in charlottesville to rally against a white nationalist group. that incident killed 3284 old heather heyer. the events in charlottesville tour open a wound for our nation that never really heals it just gets bandaged once while. we're talking about of course racism. race relations and how deep the hatred by some americans for others really runs. we just don't see it in our faces all the time this often as we did this weekend and joining out conversation now ben gellis former president of the national association of -- of the naacp. he's currently running for the democratic nomination for maryland governor. we wel welcome you to the show. so much to touch on. charlottesville so ugly. people wanted to believe racism had ebbed with the
9:31 am
president obama years ago but we see it so stark today. let me begin with the president and how,, what he said about this incident. do you think he went far enough? >> he's been so clear. so many times about what terrorism is. this was his opportunity to say that the kkk are terrorists, too. that neonatzis are terrorists, too, that terrorism happens here and we need to fight it here and he stopped short of that. in fact trump has been so, um, vague that david duke believes that donald trump stands with him. >> right. >> tis was his time to stand up, and to be clear that donald trump, n david duke does not reflect the values of donald trump but you know what, he's left a lot of folks confused it's not just david duke. it's our kids and that's what i worry about. our kids are getting the wrong message from the president. the president needs to be very clear in those times. >> we've seen other leaders come out and very strongly diss a vo what happened in charlot charlottesville, and at least wondering could this a
9:32 am
point now for president trump you see people who support hummer happens his agenda with tax reform et cetera now pulling back saying, you know, we can't take the same, this is the tipping point and we're no longer going to be in support of this president? >> i would hope so. what we've seen as folks who absolutely support his agenda at least being willing to break with him and say, no, this is actually domestic terrorism, and david duke does not speak for the gop. we've also seen folks in his own party condemn trump and say trump needs to go much further. push him. we have not seen our governor here actually push trump. we haven't seen hogan speak up about trump's failure to act. and that worries me because unless he's hearing it loudly from all of the leaders in his party donald trump will not change and our kids will keep getting the wrong message. >> speaking of governor hogan. you're vying for the gubernatorial seat on the dem democratic site. he's not
9:33 am
strongly about the statue. >> worse. >> we have this confederate statues in maryland and larry hogan call it political correctness run a muck. what do you make of that. >> hogan should do what mitch land drew has done and come forward and say, talk about why these statues were put in place. these statues were put in place as part of a campaign of intimidation against black people and our allies and racial justice. and they absolutely send the wrong message. so does the false equivalency of saying, chief justice taney whose statue adjacent to the state capital who said that the black man had no rights of the white man was bound to respect he's the author of the dread to the decision. equivalent to thurgood marshall. that may make sense in larry hogan's mind but i don't think it makes sense in moved married maryland errs minds. not to mention the fact that taney's on the actualap
9:34 am
grounds adjacent to the capitol. you walk outed side door you'll see him. chief justice marshall is across the street in a park. even to i whiff late the two men sends the wrong message to our children. >> a lot of people are saying this is history. that should not be ignored. tearing it down is tearing down piece of history that good or bad we need to know about this. >> they did not put up taney, you know, when he was with us. it wasn't like he was, you know, there working to put up a statue. they put up the statues later. all of these confederate statues and the statues of franklin notorious racist like chief justice taney were put up later to intimidate. when something like that has been done the only way to make it right is to actually remove it. >> you're calling for this to today. >> absolutely. >> absolutelily. there should be no space for gee justice taney on the capitol grounds. when your child or my child goes to visit the state capitol and walk out the side door, the door you walk outing to downtown and she see the face of a man who said
9:35 am
what signal does that stepped about the future of our state? these statues were not there to define the past. these statue there is put to define the future. that's why there's no place for them. >> argument certainly continues. i know there are people who argue on either side. but you are calling for it to. today. governor hogan doesn't think it's a real issue. let's see how this plays out. thank you for joining us and your insight not what's happening in maryland but in charlottesville as well. thank you. >> ben jealous this morning. i'll send it back to you guys on the couch. >> thank you very much. let's talk about weather, shall we. >> let's let tucker barnes do it. >> tuck, good morning. >> he's the professional after all. >> that's right. i like to think so. 77 in washington. here the deal with today. got more in the way of cloudiness and more humidity. you'll notice the humidity creeping up over the course of the day today. with daytime highs in the low to mid 80s not bad overnight most of the region getting back into the 60s hanging on to the 60s, 69 del dulles. 68 in frederick this morning. 73 in leonardtown.
9:36 am
let's take a quick look at satellite/radar. cloud cover not too far away. so mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and the shower activity not too far away either. back into west virginia and eastern kentucky and the thinking is that some of this will get into some of our western suburbs. so if you're a viewer out to the west particularly in the mountains, places like winchester and front royal, martinsburg up towards hagerstown you've got the best chance of a few light showers this afternoon. and it it's certainly a possibility some of these could creep east and have a stray shower around here later today. just keep that in in mine. not wash out but a few showers around later today. all right. the culprit it's the frontal system that actually brought us the nice conditions yesterday. it's hung up down in the carolinas. and we're watching a little piece of energy along it and some shower activity that's kind of combining with winds here out of the east with an area of high pressure off to our north and east. so that's the reason for the cloud cover increase in moisture around here later today. low 80s for daytime highs. all right. tropics gert now our latest tropical storm 45 miles an hour winds going to scoot between bermuda and eastern seaboard. will not make
9:37 am
great news. it will kind of be scooted out to sea here. we are concerned about increased surf and rip tides along the eastern seaboard so if you'll be down the lower eastern shore hitting one of the beeps over the east coast the next couple of days be on the look out for that. forecast category one hurricane. again it will be push out to sea here over the next couple of days. 84 this afternoon stray shower. no need to cancel any oud outdoor plans later this afternoon or tonight although clouds will hang tough later today. we'll do it again tomorrow. plenty humidity by this afternoon and tomorrow. 90's are back around 90 wednesday thursday and friday with a chance of thunderstorm. best chance really will be friday with a cold front. which will bring us a little bit of improve many in the form of humidity and cooler temperatures for next weekend. wisdom, that's the latest on weather. i'll toss it back to you. >> 9:37 is the time. how about a little sports. good day sports right now. nats played a long game last night. 11 innings. and it was in the second game that was most exciting. washington put up in the seventh inning until they were up in t
9:38 am
dough val tide things up this game heading into extra inking. eleventh inning same score basis loaded. harry kendrick slams a pitch for the walk off grand slam. ninety-ninth career homerun first career grand slam. nats celebrate. six-two is the score. day of rest today. then it's two-game home series against the angels beginning tomorrow night. you know you're doing right when you get the gatorade splashed all over you. we can buy breathe a sigh of relief by the way the nats avoided a worse case si is nair yo with bryce harper after his knee buckle on this play. buckled backwards slipping on wet base during saturday's game. mri's showed no structural damage. he had a bad bruise. he's on the ten day disable l list. that's good news. no structural damage. meanwhile bryce harper's age
9:39 am
to take steps to ensure that wet slick bases aren't a safety hazard for the players. scott boris said in the nba when a player hits the floor and there's perspiration on the floor, they clean it up immediately so the surface isn't slick. in baseball, we have no one cleaning the bags between innings during inn clem weather. so that's an issue for him. and his client. he's saying that could lead to serious injuries. >> it makes sense. >> it makes sense but as i've said baseball likes to stick with old rules. they don't like to move forward. >> right. >> at all. they stay with, park as do other people and matters as well. >> how about that? >> thank you. you okay? you want to talk more about it. >> i'm good. >> okay. for now. well, fox made a lot of us feel old last with teen choice awards. we're talking about it any way. coming up next guy lambert is with us to recap some of the big winners and explaining who they are and so you can look cool in front of your
9:40 am
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♪ last night it was the teen takeover on fox. summer's hottest life show the teen choice awards celebrated this year's top teen icons in television. hey, bruno. music, film, sports and com deem the two-hour broadcast was hell in
9:43 am
it was filled with must see moments including a blue carpet, a jungle themed performance and even some political moments, you know, ho how the celebrities do on the awards shows. joining us now live with take away highlights and most talk about moments wpgc's guy lambert. good morning. >> allison, good to see you. >> how are you. >> feeling good. you look like you were watching the team choice awards or game of thrones or living your life. >> let's start with the opening act. little idea dee. >> i thought this was the best performance of the night. >> really? >> everything they're after. pretty much was monday to say the least. >> really cool theme. you see the beach theme going on right here. a lot of energy. we're talking about -- >> teenagers. >> teens. how many red bulls did this guy drink. >> none. that's the sad part. >> none at all. good time. he ended his performance by literally standing on top of a surfboard walking through the crowd -- surfing through the crowd. >> what? >> great performance i enjoyed this performance. >> are we going
9:44 am
yadi. >> at some time. >> little yadi was there. too. also this is -- i trying to see this movie step. it was sold out. >> right. >> in my area. but these -- these young ladies from baltimore really making the rounds. >> baltimore leadership school for young women this is an mazing story. you had them right here on this show earlier last month. >> so great. >> well the teen choice awards decided to feature them. they stage inside and outside. so as they went to commercial break, guess what, we got a chance to see the girls from step. they looked amazing. >> that's so great. >> high five to the teen choice awards. >> high five for sure. let's talk about fifth harmony. >> gosh they really racked up for the night. won the best music group and best music group for the summer. how many categories do these folks have good i really didn't know they were still, you know, super duper hot. don't kill me teenagers. but they are. here they are. >> at some point -- >> looking great. >> after they septembered the award one of the members actually took a political stance with everything that's going on in charlottesville, i want you to know kids at home that you are
9:45 am
important. i thought that was a great move coming from fifth harmony. >> they did too,. zendaya making just basically saying that the young people are the future. not to forget that. and she looked great as she always does. >> she looked amaze. >> does she always kill it. >> doesn't she. >> she's come into her own. >> what about the surprise in the video i guess we'll talk about it in just a second. >> let's save that little last. she looked amazing once against as she stated made political point as well. >> so now that is the biggest award ever like. i guess you have to be pretty famous you have a pretty big house. >> yeah. >> it's not problem. >> i guess you hang that over the fireplace. >> i guess. >> a couple of extra big screws. who knows? >> go ahead zendaya. let's talk about french montana. >> yeah. by far probably the biggest performance of the night. >> okay. >> biggest star i guess you can say. >> a lot of stars no shows. bruno mars no show. ed sheeran a no show. >> miley cyrus a no show as w well. so once this guy right here hit the stage with sway lee, yeah, it was nothing
9:46 am
the jungle theme i loved it but you would think when the teen choice awards you probably want a bigger star. >> unfortunately that's who they had. >> dang no shade french montana. >> we love french montana i kind of wanted to see bruno mars there. >> right. exactly. all right. so let's end with bruno. first of all the news that he donate add million dollars. >> how cool is that. >> after performing in michigan to the people of flint who are still dealing with this water crisis, yes it is 2017. but what i was excited about, also, was that very cacci on the floor dropped. >> did you see it. >> did i ever. >> of course he accepted the visionary award. this guy is truly amazing i said this time and time again, the best entertainer on the planet. >> most devil. >> right now. >> most devil. >> he accepted the award. i was a little upset because he wasn't there. >> he's on tour. guy. >> allison he's always on tour. after he septembered the award, hey guys i what happened to show i was preview of my new video. he hit the play button. we saw zendaya actually hit the screen as well. and oh, my gosh, what a video
9:47 am
>> okay. >> after i saw this, the preview, i immediately hopped oh and my phone and watch the video in its entirely. >> most definitely. amazing video. high five going tout to the best enter trainer on the planet. >> see you in the verizon center shortly. are you going to the show. >> i was going to ask you for tickets. >> i'm still trying to get tickets. but i'll be there. no doubt about it. guy, thanks so much. >> always pleasure. >> appreciate it. what a beautiful i love it how does he even shoot these videos he's been on tour. >> i tell you. >> whatever. leave it up to bruno. >> bruno mars, who knows. >> maureen over to you. >> thank you. it's 9:47. we all have looks we wish we can forget this morning there's hope for anyone who made a beauty blunder. culling up next lifestyle expert valerie greenberg here to help us fix some common mistake. we'll be right back. ♪
9:48 am
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♪ >> yes, you are. from over tweezed high brows to over teased hair and braces looks are not time less as much as we want to hold on to them. lucky our next guest knows how to fix the beauty blunder we faced good morning. joining us live
9:51 am
greenberg. >> good morning. >> list is he we all deb to feel our best and to feel and look as confident as possible. let's start with perhaps damaged dry hair. >> yes. crown and glory. >> over prosed hair. here i have altern in a hair care. omega even fries oil mist. it works wonder for hair.& this is super light weight and the caviar extract will serve to not only -- >> are you caviar extract. >> age defying if you will. >> wow. >> not only going to give you hair ultimate shine but also going to protect up to 93% from breakage. >> okay. >> up to 450 degrees of heat. >> wow. >> and it will help you fight frizz up to eight hours. >> this is for all hair types. >> um-hmm. what's so wonderful -- all hair types which i really love. whenever you can find a product that's universal to all that's one of my favorites. 32 price point. a little goes a long way.
9:52 am
through you can put it either when it's damp or when it's dry. >> i like that. sephora and tall. moving right along. thin eyebrows used to be n i never thought i'd say thin is not in any more. but let's be real. so if you over tweeze your eyebrows during your youth sometimes they don't grow back. thankfully there's a new product on the market called grande brow eyebrow enhancing serum. in sticks eight weeks you can see a difference where the hair will grow back. this tube as four month supply. use the whole tube for operative mum results. >> kind of smear it on. >> if in terms of applications the brush is designed it goes on with the natural shape of your brow. easy in that respect. it's made with vitamins and pep tides and conditioning properties 79.95 for the to month supply the at grande they also sell in sephora. if we don't feel like our skin looks good that that can really decrease our level of confi
9:53 am
>> so here i am two crew products we're actually dermatologist recommended. serica scar and stretch mark formula. >> does this work. >> yes. this is why it works made with amazonian pack she oil and property that is are going to leave your skin the texture so soft and supple. >> wow okay. >> it's also going to improve the elasticity of your skin which is key word it's going to help, you know, just remove those scars and, you know, lighten those stretch marks and that's what's so key. >> is this a daily use? >> yes. you can actually apply it up to three times a day day. >> okay. it's dermatologist recommended rub it on the affected area. >> what's the price point. 34.9939.99. go to walgreen's and receive three dollars off each product. moving on down. huge. >> if we were growing up we didn't get braces our teeth are a little crooked never fear because it's so sim
9:54 am
this. >> there's actually a smile shop located in d.c. so you can either go to that location and you can get your impressions taken that or you can have one of these kits mailed to you and take the impressions on your o own. it's 60% less cost than typical braces. and the liners are clear. that's the best part. so if you do choose to have the impressions mad at your own home a dental professional will make a treatment plan for you, and then the liners will be shipped along with whitening paste for an extra bonus. >> remember how cost prohibitive of having braces was back in the day. a couple thousand. some people's parents didn't have the money. >> so normal. it's not embarrassing. everyone is doing it. get your teeth straight. feel your best. >> no need to have your grill all messed up. if you've got the smile, smile. >> acne is something we all battle. when we were adolescents as adults because there's so many factor that is go it, whether it be the weather, your lifestyle. >> hormones. >> here we have act zone much this is the only prescription topical
9:55 am
it. within 12 weeks, because it's the only item on the market you'll start to see a remarkable difference. we actually have slides on the screen right now. and you know your face is what peole look at first. >> so you need to feel as confident as possible and this goes hand in hand. when off clear complexion complexion i think your mind is more clear and you can focus throughout the day. again this is ak zone 7.5 gel and prescription based. last but not least,. >> okay. >> regardless of how hard we say that we're going to diet. >> right. >> more often we're going to work out some of us have those spot that is are just stubborn whether it be belly fat. whether it be on or arms. >> arms. >> here -- >> yup. where is your problem area? inner thighs. you can't see it behind the table. just kidding. this is the most buzzed about non inn vase tiff fat reduction treatment. it can be done on your lunch break. >> really. >> a doctor recommends four treatments they take about 45 minutes. we actually have slides for this. yup. here we go. so this is a non-invasive
9:56 am
harnesses radio frequency. i have done it. okay i i can a test to it. >> it melts the fat away. it shrinks it. >> does it come back. listen it's got to be coupled with diet and exercise. >> okay. so it's not just a short cut in that regard. if you go to btl you can find dermatologists in the d.c. area that have this equipment it ranges between 500 and 750 per treatment but you can lose up to two to 4-inches. it's really for that last amount of -- >> how much. >> two to 4-inches you can lose that last amount of stubborn belly fat some of us i'm kicking butt in the gym. >> sometimes you need a little help. right. >> miss greenberg thank for these beauty tips. >> what's the website. >> you've been >> there you go. over to you guys. >> i'm going to share these goodies with myself. [ laughter ] >> love it. thanks so much, mo. we appreciate it. when we come back, there's this movie that i'm really excited about seeing tv1. it's based on real life case of fe
9:57 am
we'll talk with the star and the director. >> all right. kym lee is going to come in and talk with us about some back to school beauty searches as well. >> also the last time there was a big solar eclipse see palka was talking about it now she's talking about it again. we'll take a look back. we'll go back in time with sue. ♪ ♪ ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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♪ ♪ ♪ the day's looking new and bright, ♪ ♪ ♪ and you're gonna start it right, ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers ♪ ♪ ♪ in your cup. ♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. live in the loft, you know her as cookie's sister on empire but tasha smith has a new role. director. she's here along with little mama to discuss their new film, when love kills the felicia blakely. our red hot celebrity dish. tom cruise's stunt mishap, the biebs dissed on instagram
10:01 am
more drama for ma rye y the countdown to the solar eclipse is on. we go live to our very own sue palka who takes us back on time on her trek to seeing the eclipse. let's do this d.c. in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. >> ♪ >> i'm maureen umeh along allison seymour and wisdom martin. holly has the morning off. we'll check in with steve chenevey down in charlottesville in just a moment. >> first though let's get down to steve chef chenevey in fact. the latest in charlottesville. the suspect accused of driving his car into a peaceful crowd of protprotesters on saturday due e in court right now. 20-year-old james fields, jr., facing second degree murder charges. he rammed his car into large crowd of people who gathered in charlottesville to rally against a white national group. >> the incident killed 32-year-old heather heyer and left others
10:02 am
protests took place on sunday from new york to seattle to right here in the district. people converged to did you why the violence in virginia. >> steve is live outside the district court in charlottesville with the latest g morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we moved up the hill a couple of blocks from we were earlier showing you the memorials that were growing for heather heyer and those were injured when that vehicle struck into that group of counter protesters saturday evening. right now the focus is on district court behind me this is where james field social security expected to appear momentarily. we're hearing he will appear from video conference he won't philly be in the cite courtroom but appearing by video they can decide what his bond would be set at to keep him in custody. that's what we're expecting to come out of this court hearing. we don't at this point expect any more details to come out about the charges or the rationale behind the charges. that may happen. but we are not expecting that to happen. we do have our producer in the courtroom right now if anything should happen in the next couple of minutes we'll let you know. if not, i'll run in there as soon as i'm done talking to you
10:03 am
we can. just to bring up to speed right now what charlottesville is like on this among morning. it's much quieter obviously than it was ovr the weekend. saturday of course friday night the torch march and then saturday of course the days two sides came together and that was the huge clash that you saw play out all over your social mediterranean television screens on saturday. unfortunately, that culminated with that woman that 32-year-old woman heather heyer dying after being struck by that vehicle. where we were earlier just about three blocks away from district court here where we're standing now. yesterday, started out with some church services and a bit of remembrance of the victims and a bit of a restoration to calm and then in the afternoon, early afternoon the organizer of the rally on saturday tried to speak to people. tried to get his point across and then was essentially chased away from the microphone by counter protesters and literally had to seek state police gave him an escort police rather gave him escort to safety because he was
10:04 am
the microphone outside of city hall. that was yesterdy. after that, from the people that i've talk throughout the day here in charlottesville that seemed to bring back the feeling of calm here in this college community, and they did not see any more riot gear wearing police officers did not see any more while nationalist here in charlottesville. it seemed to calm down after that incident yesterday. last night there were a couple of prayer circles and more memorials for the victims which is where we saw those memorials continue to grow and grow it's been very very quite so far this morning as folks here in charlottesville seem to be getting back to work, back to school. whatever it is that they're typical monday routine would be. so right now, the key is what's going to happen in that courtroom right that? we'll get you the details just as soon as it does. that's the latest from here in charlottesville. back to you in the loft. >> thank you for that. 10:04. washington nationals relief sean doolittle speaking out about the violence in charlottesville. doolittle attended the university of virginia where
10:05 am
ending in the death of a woman and two virginia state troopers died while policing the area in their helicopter. now on sunday doolittle took to twitter to let his voice be heard. it's tweeted it's 70 between actual natzis just marred on hash tag charlottesville. we have to come together and drive this hatred and domestic terrorism from our country. since i'm new to d.c. i purposely kept a low toe profile and stayed off social media what happened in va made me sick. while it's important important to protect free speech we have a patriotic obligation to condemn racism by white supremacist. i knew from my time at uva diverse and accepting community no place for nazis. brilliant the way that he -- >> condemnation we need to hear. >> he stated that. we need that from our elected leaders as well. i mean i know he's baseball player end played baseball down there. it would be nice to hear that kind of thing coming from our elected leaders the people who arees
10:06 am
laws and different things like that. >> you did hear from some. did you hear it from some. one of my favorite tweets because i think what's lost in this when you say white supremacists or all white people we're talking about neonatzis. people who -- >> right. >> so i need to look too to hear from some of the largest jewish organizationings out there, too. my favorite tweet was from a world war ii veteran. >> i think i know which one you're talking you. >> i fought natzis x amount of years ago i'll fight them again. >> yeah. >> because this is what we're talking about. >> i know it doesn't have the same power and the impact, you know, what you saw in germany and the rise of the nazi party there, but these are the same principals. >> absolutely. >> these are people we call it the greatest generation the folks had went and fought and died to put down these beliefs and so what we're dealing with right now is a serious matter. >> i think he hit it on the head. domestic terrorism. >> that's right.
10:07 am
fact these are people in our own country spying to separate people and tear the country apart. >> absolutely. >> domestic terrorism needs to be addressed. >> if we're looking for union fire this is it. i don't know unless you're parter of this group, what sells is happening. >> why not come and say this is one thing we can all rally hyped to say this is wrong. hate is wrong. and don't start parsing people on both sides. no. it was a specific group that carried out that led to his young's death. let's condemn it where we can and nip it in the bud trying to place blame in other place. right is right. wrong is wrong and in this instance this is dead wrong. call it what it is. >> sometimes you got to call it what it is. >> absolutely. time right now 10:06. before we check what's trending our erin como is back with what's making headlines this morning. hi, erin. >> good morning to all of you. first up, the tense posturing between the united states and north korea has opened up a strenuous debate on the course of the united states and what they should take. north korea is threatening to fire four missiles into the waters off of am
10:08 am
and possibly as early as win few days. blame has been passed between those who side with the president and his heated words of fire and fury and those who believe his rhetoric over the last week has been reckless. next up a crack down on illegal alcohol in mexico. authorities swept 31 resorts restaurants as well nightclubs in cancun and playa dell carmen. they seized ten thousands gallons of alcohol. tourists have been reporting small amounts of drinks have been causing them to blackout. back in january, 20-ye 20 year wisconsin woman drowned under suspicious circumstances. her family suspect tainted alcohol or drugs are blamed. for that incident. it's reported that around 36% of alcohol consumed in mexico is illegal and considered dang dangerous. the washington teachers union has come up with a tentative agreement with d.c. public schools. the new tentative three-year contract would include a 9% raise. it will not go into effect until the majority of members of teacher's union vote y it's been five years since
10:09 am
it pay raises would cost $125 million over three years. the dallas cowboys aren't too worried about 13-ten preseason loss to the rams on saturday. no, they have way bigger fish to fry they deal with star running back ezekiel elliot six game suspension he's expected to appeal it tomorrow fit stands elliot who hasn't played in the preseason yet wouldn't play in regular season game until late objection. so that's going to be pig out come there. finally, the next powerball drawing will be worth, are you ready for this, at least $430 million. and that is a lot of money. the number is growing and nobody matched all the winning numbers saturday 90 next drawing is on wednesday. your odds of winning are about one in 292 mel i don't know. not great odds but just a small glimmer of hope for winning inspires me to buy a couple tickets. how you guys? >> for sure. >> buy your own. we're not s
10:10 am
>> you won't see me thursday when i win. >> what do you mean we're not sharing. >> i got if you i win. >> if i win i'm willing to -- never mine. >> i'll share a small amount. >> take you straight to chick-fil-a on my way out of to be. i'm buying you super sized chick-fil-a. >> you get back on your own. >> i'm getting on my jet and i'm out. >> i bought you chick-fil-a. >> he's awesome. >> 10:10. it's time to check what's friending this morning. omarosa friend to the show sometimes the president's aid -- well, she doesn't come as often as she used. to president's aid is causing quite bit of a stir at a conference. page sick reporting the national association of black journalists added her to a panel on police brutality at the last minute and that guests suddenned started dropping ought because they didn't want to deal with her quote heavy drama. that discussion got really heated and at times people called it an all out shouting match. some claim her being there prevented serious discussions on major issues like policing policies and that was ed gordon who stepped in the last minute to moderate the panel. buts
10:11 am
omarosa went at it. it was ugly. it's unfortunate. i think people thought she should be there she represents the president. they that serious questions for her it evolved into the talking points we hear so often and people questioning in you're going to come to black journalist convention expect to talk issues that are relevant to black people. >> i would have a person with the person who booked her. you're pushing your a a jenn today. leave it blank. this is what you get when you have someone pushing the agenda. >> the news is coming out. it was a bad idea to book if the first place. tom cruise loves to do his own stunts but didn't always go according to plan. we'll show was happened on the set of new mission impossible that left him limping. huge fail coming up next in the celebrity dish. >> he is like 54 years old at this point. >> it's time to let it go, to tommy. >> little mama and tasha smith live in the loft. why? well we are sitting down with these two lovely ladies to talk about their new project when love kills.
10:12 am
blakely. you remember that name? we'll talk about it on the other side of the break. >> go ahead, little mama. you can break it down. ♪
10:13 am
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ [ laughter ] now you know that's the jam. that's little mama we're talking to nati a today.
10:15 am
if you love true crime series like fatal attraction and for my man get ready because tv1 is getting ready to release a gripping true crime movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. take look. >> some day he'll come along. >> what's your name beautiful? >> ♪ >> baby you one of the baddest chicks in the game. >> ♪ >> somebody at the club said you'd be tricking girls. >> i don't make them do nothing they don't want to do. >> ♪ >> get out there. >> we'll be working together. >> like bonnie and clyde. >> lance gross being the bad guy for once. i'm looking forward to it. that was a clip from the upcoming movie when love kills the felicia blakely story inspired by true series but also epp seduced of tv1 true crime series for my man and tells the true story of felicia a young woman who gets caught up with
10:16 am
it primaries later this month. this morning we're learning more about it from the felicia story straight from the star and also the director joining us live natia little mama kirkland and director and actress tasha smith. good morning and welcome. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> had you not seen that clip? >> i hadn't seen that clip and i love the music. >> me either. >> you hadn't seen it either. >> love it. >> let me start with you natia. when you see that, that's completely not the person i see today. so what does that transformation like to such a troubled young lady? >> oh, man. it's about acting. it's about being -- being a walking testament of ministry, you know. and when we act, we get to play these characters and then we get to help people through acting with their real lives, and in this case it's a very special case because it's based on true story. >> right. >> about a real young lady who started out at 16 and, you know, she wanted the
10:17 am
and by the age of 19, her world came crashing down. >> it is an incredible story. again, tasha a true story watch attracted you to the role. we normally see you on the other side of the lense but you're directing this. >> yes. i fell in love witness story of felicia blakely my heart went out to her. úi had a lot of compassion and empathy for her. >> she killed three people. >> yeah, she did. but also a lot of times like people can be quick to judge what she did and what she did was wrong and she is serving time in jail in prison for the rest of her life. but when you look at how she got there, that's what i was attracted to, i feel like there's so many young women that are vulnerable and get caught up and get mixed up in the streets i always feel like, listen, she was so vulnerable and so much in need of love that she ended up giving her life over to this man, and now she's paying for it. but i think that this could be a story that so many people could learn from. especially families. if you don't love your chi
10:18 am
>> yes. >> because if she would have had the love she needed from home, she probably wouldn't have ended up in the strip club, with this guy, that manipulated her and pretty much conned her into committing these murders and h hitting these licks. which are robberies, right? >> um-hmm. >> so i feel like we need to educate our children how terrible the streets are. so that they can be careful so that those streets don't love our kids more than we do. >> so well said. what attracted you to this role when you saw this felicia blakely store? what attracted to you it? >> oh, well in the i was very fearful to take on because like you said it was so different from my character in more ways than one. for one the fact that i had to be portray a stripper. two the fact she's so vulnerable and with those two alone i was very fearful and also there were several men that, you know, she had to be interactive with script and tasha helped me to get out and be brave and get into character and
10:19 am
story. the truth about the story and so when i knew that i can be a vessel that could help young women after i played the role and really showed them, look, i understand, i have become this person, you know, i had to be emotionally abused and, you know, physically abused all thee things onset in character, but just that sacrifice alone of becoming all the things that she was and that young women all across the world have to deal with, it shows them when i go to speak to them about character like this one that i do understand because i had to -- i had to live it. >> had to transform. what was the hardest part for you. >> oh, man, there was this one scene in the movie where my co-star lance gross he actually plucks me and it's not in the script. but, um, tasha the evil director she whispered in his year. look, pluck her. >> that real reaction. >> yeah. >> honestly i had seen a bunch of do you mean reece and i s
10:20 am
women that were just traumatizing and so plucking was one of them. i mean, how much more disrespectful could you be but when you see her reaction in character, she loved this man so much that it was okay. when you think about women that are dealing with domestic violence, they begin thinking it's their fault and that they have to constantly work to get the love of a man so that they won't get abused because in their minds they think it's their fault or something that they may have done wrong or something that they have to fix, and so i felt like in order for people to really see, believe and be affected, it needed to be real. it needed to be honest i it needed to be gro grounded and ae some of the things that happen in abusive domestic violence relationships. >> you're dealing with an all star cast for your first step out into directing. what for you was the most challenging part? >> and your greatest triumph much. >> listen making a movie you know
10:21 am
within itself. and so for me, honestly, it was all a blessing and it was something that i was very excited to take on regardless of how many obstacles may have cup. maybe trying to figure out the fire scene like there was a scene that we were supposed to -- the cash to character was supposed to get burns. we were dealing with a stunt coordinator and the fire and i didn't want mama to be hurt. i was so protective of her. i wouldn't even let her get in bed with a scene with sheets that were not clean. >> right. >> i was just overly protective. >> absolutely. >> checking for thread count. >> honoring i went and bought her sheets one day. she had love seen in the movie i went to target myself and i bought sheets. >> wanted her to feel good and sexy. >> so we were looking so forward to this. i want to give information about meet and greet but we can't let you go tasha without saying whoop whoop we love you on em tire as carol. >> thank you is you saved the day on that last seen getting into that boat. >> yes. >> did you
10:22 am
are you back next season. >> yes, i will be. >> can't wait. >> natia kirkland. i loved you i loved in you tlc show as well. is acting what's next? >> oh, yes. >> acting is what's next. >> you better be you see her in this role you know it should be. >> xfinity center today you have a chance to meet with tasha. natia as well it is in washington place in northeast the it's 2350 meet and greet come take a selfie. most importantly, tune in to tv1 on monday, august is that the 28th. >> 28th on tv1 when love kills with cute little lance gross and don't hate him afterwards. >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, too. >> maureen, back to you. >> thank to you all three of you. 10:22. back to school beauty searches every teen girl needs. kym lee is joining us live with all the details. >> looking i was they had to next week's eclipse with a trip down memory lane. look at this. back in the day sue palka. man, she's going to join us live a little bit later with a look how she
10:23 am
ago. >> she hasn't age at all. >> i'm surprised we still got video. >> amazing. >> we'll be back.
10:24 am
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10:26 am
the incident with white supremists in charlottesville this weekend. the president tweeting about other matters however this morning from tax reform to the resignation of co. merck from his ceo council. >> but we want to get back to charlottesville. what's happening down there. the first court appearance for james alec fields the man who allegedly hit and killed a woman in charlottesville during that white supremacy counter protest just ended. steve joins us now live with the latest from what happened inside the courthouse. steve, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: maureen, first of all we thought this might be a bond hearing. they didn't get even that get that far. they set the date for the bond hearing to be set. so hers what's going to happen right now for james fields he did not appear in person as we expected inside the courtroom it was done through video link. what they did, they assigned him a court appointed attorney. that attorney wasn't even in the courtroom. so they have to get all that information together and what they did was, they said we're going to have what is called a controlled date and we're going to set that up
10:27 am
on the morning of august 25th. now, at that point, on aug august 25th, then they can set the bond hearing and preliminary hearing if the attorney wants he can ask for a bond hearing to be held ahead of that august 25th date. but at this point it looks like that would be essentially the bond hearing on august 25th and then at that hearing they can go ahead and set the time and date for a preliminary hearing. fields still being held on second degree murder and other charges we heard from the prosecutor' office they said that those charges could change as they continue this investigation and this investigation moves forward. so that's the latest as far as fields he's going to be held in custody at least until august 25th when a bond hearing is set. and then we'll find out more about what might keep him behind bars in the meantime as soon as this was over and media started coming back out district court on to the screams little bit of a scrum with someone who identified himself as a white nationalist who was here. he likes charlottesville he was trying to explain the nationalist point of view and essentially blaming counter protesters for what happened and the rea
10:28 am
between the two groups as you can imagine there was heavy media presence around there and then a few of those counter protesters gathered around him they started yelling back and forth until police and sheriffs deputies were able to separate them and they he is cored that man down the hill behind me and into one of those buildings. so not to escalate that situation any more. that's quite honestly the only disturbance we've seen so far this entire morning. quiet honestly i think it's because there was knowledge that this was where basically i was the media in this city had gathered at this point. because of the court hearing. so that's the latest. fields will be held in custody august 25th at 11am we'll find out what bond might be set at. we'll find out when the preliminary hearing date will be and then at that point, we might find out more information about what police and investigators and prosecutors are thinking. that's the latest from charlottesville. back to the loft. >> thanks so much, steve for the very latest up to date. steve is court its reporting live from charlottesville today. we appreciate it turning to other news now, tom cruise hurt on the set of his new movie
10:29 am
and getting rejected. that's the worse part. plus the role that leo was born to play. time right now is zen 29:00. now, we could have found better picture of leo is all i'm trying to say. >> yeah. >> what do you mean? [ laughter ] >> ♪
10:30 am
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10:31 am
♪ ut-oh. >> this segment will
10:32 am
destruct in six minutes. >> what did you say maureen? >> she's hating. >> i said that would be the entire show. >> wow. >> hate will continue for the rest of the day. >> time now for our good day celebrity dish. >> all right. here we go. we've been tal talking about ths all morning. tom cruise it appears has been hobbled while doing movie stunt for upcoming mission impossible movie. video clip from the set of the movie shows tom cruise limping after stunt he jumped 22 buildings. >> yes want to see it. >> he jumped between two buildings people. video posted by tmz shows cruise leaping into the building hitting its side then crawling over the top and running away and after the take cruise is seen limping. there you go. he's limping. >> oh, no. >> it's unclear how bad he's hurt. neither the actor's rep for paramount pictures has commented about it. tom cruise he's 55 years old. so he's no spring chicken to be jumping off buildings in the first place and he's known for performing his own
10:33 am
>> at 55 and after all those month movies he made he shouldn't be jumping off buildings. >> you don't have to do that any more. >> cooler heads kneel to prevail. >> you've proved yourself. >> let somebody else say this is your mission should you choose to jump many off this building to try to get to another at itch of 55. >> we hope an mrism shows he's okay. >> much like bryce harper was okay. >> let's hope so. closing arguments expected today in the taylor swift trial. the groping trial racing to an end after friday's major victory for twist. a judge throughout the lawsuit filed against her by the ex denver dj who -- whom she says groped her in 2013. kind of hard to follow there but she says the guy groped her during a photo op. eight member jury expected to hear instructions and closing arguments. so, okay, looks like a win for taylor on this part. we'll see what happens when it's all said and done. look let's talk about justin beiber because this is interesting story.
10:34 am
shot down the biebs allegedly messaged a gym fitness instructor after seeing a photo of her on their account. >> wanted to holler at her. >> basically he wanted to holler at her. that's exactly what he did. >> she's really pretty. >> he asked the gym who is that girl followed by a giant heart emoji. this happened on twitter. the girl is jessica gob we are. she's the good earl that beiber allegedly messaged the gym ab about. the question is did this actually happen? >> because justin beiber he actually did this, right? and it was whole bunch of other stuff that was tweeted after this that, you know, we don't want to get into. basically all this was verified that he did indeed do this and the girl tweeted back at some point and saying no, i'm good she posted a picture with her boyfriend. >> oh h. >> he got shut down. this is what she did in response to justin's tweet. it turns out this young lady is actually from virginia. >> okay. >> and she's on the phone right now. [ la
10:35 am
>> no. >> okay. >> no, no, no. not yet. >> but justin tried to at her on social media. she a boyfriend. >> no thanks here's my man. >> wow. >> did you know how many young ladies would jump at the chance. >> right. >> kudos to her for being honorable. a lot of girls would not have been. >> it could have been a love connection. lots of people meet online. but she's got man. >> yeah. she made that clear. >> yeah. she made that perfectly clear. >> i got a man. do you remember the old rap song, maureen. >> she doesn't know. >> i do, too. >> she too is from canada. >> the show, come on now. we need to stay on the rails. >> one of mariah carey's former choreographers spilling the beans about his former boss. one time creative director anthony burrell did hold back. we ought to know if you watch the reality show you know that there's beef and remember the whole t times square incident se blamed him for it he got fired afterwards. he says it's
10:36 am
new year's show mariah is clear when she doesn't wanted to something she doesn't do it. she's performing with black luster no blanks given and it's taking a way ahead star. burrell tried to work around her lack of dance expertise and added working with an artist like mariah who's not a mover first it's always a challenge to get them to think physically and not just vocally. you always have to keep in hyped that they're a singer first. i wanted to give mariah a modern push to revamp her, give her a fresher more modern feel make her more aware of her body and her lines and not look like her feet hurt when she's walking first of all, does bash bra streisand walk on stage. how about whitney houston? she new standing with micro ton and do whatever. stay in your lane. don't try to change her. it sounds like sour grapes. i'm not here for the disrespect for mimi. >> she's singer. have somebody beside her dance. >> right. let them dance. >> that's what people do. she's a singer with a golden voice. >> don't
10:37 am
no miss tack about it mariah carey is still a queen. >> yeah. in the entertainment industry. >> she's got the power. >> you might be looking for job. maybe he can go work at the gym with that pretty lady who's got the boyfriend. >> and get a dm from justin beiber. typely how about this? environmental activists and oscar winner actor leo dicaprio long been known as leo to his fans. but he's finally getting a chance to next his full name in a stroke of genius in movie c casting because leo dicaprio is going to meet leonardo davinci. >> oh. >> everybody knows who he is. because here's the deal. they're going to do movie and dicaprio will play davinci. >> that's tool. leo will play leo. >> okay. >> based on a book by walter i zen stand. >> nobody called davinci leo. >> you don't think soys had his cousins called him leo. >> i don't think so. leonardo or perhaps
10:38 am
>> when he was a kid. >> yeah. >> maureen that's your celebrity dish as it is. >> it was delicious. thank you. it is back to season it's time to stock up on new clothes and supplies and coming up next, celebrity make up artist kym lee friend to the show of course here to share some back to school beauty searches that will help teens girls look and feel their best when they step not classroom. it is 10:38. i cannot wait to get the details on this. so pretty. >> back after this. ♪
10:39 am
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>> all right summer is slowly uming to an end. kids will be heading back to school. as you prepare their backpacks full of pencils, pens and other supplies. if you have a teen girls pack hygiene product. joining us live kym lee just wrapped up a week long beauty camp for teens and some of the wonderful teens are joining us now. you girls look wonderful. a paying. i love your smiles. kim, kudos to you on this camp for teens. >> thank you. >> talked about it earlier and we see the product. amazing. >> these are my babies and they did so good last week i'm excited about what they're going to do. they're going to go back to school and as i told hem last week teach everybody else to be great. >> absolutely. >> can't wait. we're also talking hygiene which is something you know it's important we got to discuss this. so what do you have in store for us today? >> so what i want parents to remember is that it's very important when you're pack packing books to pack hygiene products what i explained to the girls is that it will help to fortify your relationshipshe
10:42 am
yourself. >> absolutely. >> part of being comfortable with yourself is how you feel about yourself and feeling good about yourself is how you look, how you smell, and how you're peer sized by others i caught them at that in between -- that in between phase where they don't have low self-esteem yet but they are on social mode ya and they do believe a lot of imagery they see and they rely on that to qualify them to be as i say great. >> absolutely. >> and so i told them you have an advantage over the girls and you can can teach your friends hey, hygiene is important. so from head to toe i taught them really fundamental things about why hygiene is so important. and why it is important if you don't have it to help the girls who don't know about it. >> absolutely. >> from head to toe we talk about everything from your teeth and how important it is to brush after all your meals to scrape your tongue to floss because that's going to help because the key to great life is fresh breath. >> i know some people at home are thinking, duh, but some people don't have someone in
10:43 am
young girl needs someone to let her know, you know, these are the things you need for hygiene, personal effects, et cetera. so again kudos to you for pointing it out to these girls and. >> absolutely. >> take the information forward to friends and beyond. >> yes, ma'am. >> i feel so old. you're very polite. i love that. >> in addition they also learned about makeup. they learned about keeping their products clean. so they don't have to worry about bacteria infections and things like that. when you have poor hygiene it affects your heart because the bacteria will travel through your system and goes immediate toll your heart. this could be a long-term issue that they could actually end up having if they don't -- if they don't pay attention. so they learned so many wonderful things. i encourage girls and moms to make sure when you pack these backpacks you just get a little sip lock and you puck the travel size products in the bag right in the front pouch so they have everything in their from head to toe from dry shampoo to deodorant to touch up, even little wipes that they can wipe themselves off with after they go to pe or gym and then if they're on their menstrual they can act
10:44 am
mental pad i put them in dog bee bags. if you have a dog you walk them your little dog bee. put them in there and tie them up and no one even knows that -- it's that time of the month it's a personal time. >> absolutely. you. >> mentioned makeup but lost young girls tend to wear lot of makeups they see the tube videos and they're going with a full face. less is more or what are you telling them. >> i'm showing them how to do it right. the reality they are on social media and these girls are a little different than we were when we were agreeing growing up maureen they're watching youtube girls and those girls got to -- are god to them. i'll showing them how to actually get it right. i'm getting permission from their parents as to what they can and cannot put them. if they're going to wear it showing them the property way to do it. how to theme their brushes clean. thou keep their products sanitized and look great on a budget. because they don't have to have all that expensive stuff either. >> i'm looking at these fresh faces.& you don't need makeup. >> yes. the little bit you have looks amaze. >> you should have seen her make up at cam
10:45 am
was beat as they say to the guys. she look amazing. >> this was your first year for the camp. >> yes. you're doing it against next summer. >> yes. how can someone get involved if they missed it this time around and want to be part of it. >> visit our website wing and pout and at the wing and pout academy we also teach makeup artists how to be makeup artists and young girls how to look beautiful and feel great about themselves from the very beginning of those times when they feel unsure. >> what's it's age range. >> we go from 13 on up. >> wow. >> so nothing for the pre-teens not yet. >> i do have tweens they're allege i took them because they -- they're friends of mine then go to our church and i wanted to make sure our girls were all cover. so, yeah. >> you mentioned your church. give you shootout you preached yesterday. >> yes. i did. >> i preached yesterday. >> you did. she's not just beauty connoisseur and expert she's also a preacher. >> what a shameless plug. i love it. >> you were telling us about your message which was so powerful. see i know there's something about your spirit w
10:46 am
emanating throughout your life. >> thank you. >> ladies thank you for joining us. you guys are beautiful. >> thank you. >> i'm great you have a great camp experience. kym keep it coming. thank you very much. >> wink n pout you know thou get to kym. thank you. >> thanks maureen. >> absolute, love. >> thanks, ladies. all right. 10:00 frick is the time right now. coming up next, looking ahead to next week's eclipse with trip back in town time. after the break sue palka will join us live about the last time she covered an eclipse from a cruise ship in the caribbean. that was 20 years ago. 20 years ago. back in a moment. >> she hasn't aged a bit. ♪
10:47 am
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♪ today marks exactly one week from the 2017 solar eclipse we're not just looking into the future this morning we're also getting a little blast from the past. 20 years ago our very own sue palka covered the nope 97 eclipse aboard cruise ship full of a astronomer. check it out. >> looking at the last f
10:50 am
moon completely covers it over. we're on board cruise ship where some of the top a astronomer have gathered to watch the total toll eclipse. they're in the southern caribbean. the sun look blocked out for three minutes and 43 seconds. >> we're underway. we are underway. >> every time you look up you put them on, okay? you don't look up without them ever. >> oh, my god! >> this morning we're taking a little trip down memory lane and looking ahead at what to expect neck monday. and since we're going down memory lane, sue palka joins us now live from her house much different than a cruise ship from 20 years ago. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> to talk all about this major event and why -- >> i'm ready to go. >> you ready to go? >> what happened to the cruise ship this time around. >> i'm ready to go. fox wouldn't spring for it. were can i say? i got to work on that. [ laughter ] >> can you believe, wisdom, can you believe i got them to send
10:51 am
february? >> wow. >> on cruise ship. >> how did you pull that off. >> good gig good that's a whole other conversation. how did you pull it off, real quick. >> let us know. >> i don't even know how i pulled it off myself. other than my news director at the time said any story you can think of you can cover. >> out woe woe. >> really i'd like to go over the toll solar eclipse on cruise ship. >> that was how -- >> sue, good morning. we appreciate you joining us. >> i just have to ask. so it was like three minutes and some change last time. what was it like when you experienced it 20 years ago? >> oh, my gosh. allison, it was unbelievable. and first of all, can i tell you that we went to great expense to cover this, and the morning of the eclipse on the cruise ship, it was raining. and it was also cloudy. so we really panicked but the captain of the ship sailed us out of the cloud cover and our photographer nelson jones who is still at fox5 was with me, and they finally -- we got
10:52 am
clear spot. and even until the last 1% of the sun was uncovered, you can still see really well, and then it blinked out and it was surreal i kid you not that was a very long eclipse the one if 1998 it lasted over three minutes. and what you see is just darkness everywhere. it happens very suddenly. and the temperature drops. but then you gut get to see something no one seize unless they're a total solar eclipse the ring around the sun call the cory corona and it was a black hole in the sky with this white gas around it which the scientists really go to great lengths to see because that's the only time you see it during a total solar eclipse, and people -- people were freaking out, and even i was, too. i didn't expect to be screaming but i was like oh, my gosh! it's a mind blower. it's like -- you realize we would be nowhere without this sun and to see it blink out even for three minutes is thrilling and terrifying and jaw
10:53 am
that comes back everything is illuminated again. >> wow. it was really a mazing. i'm excited about this one all they i've got to tell you, guys, in the washington area, we aren't going to get the total solar eclipse i'm worried that people have an expectation that you're going to see it go dark locally. we're not. you have to get to the,, what they call path of totality which is, upping, south carolina, north carolina, nashville up to portland, oregon. and they're the ones who are going to see the total solar eclipse and it is worth the trip if you can make it. but locally you can still see it here. but what you're going to see is a totally different show. it will feel like there's cloud passing over the sun you might not even notice it but it you till need the eclipse glasses to look at them and seriously when i put these on i see absolutely nothing and that's how you know you've got good pair of eclipse glasses. >> okay. >> but you can see the sun and then you can see a very light shadow next monday at about 2:42 in the afternoon. light shadow covers 81% of
10:54 am
sun. but it's not the same as what i saw in 1998. >> wow we're zenning mike thomas down to get the show. fingers crossed for good weather. >> right. >> speaking of which tucker barnes joining us now. tucker did you have something you wanted to -- >> sue, you don't look one day older than did you 1997. >> i know, right. >> true story. >> you look the same. >> oh, my gosh. >> you real dollar. you look amaze. >> you're so sweet. i thank you for that. i really appreciate it. you probably noticed our sky guy greg was also in that and he was a big motivation behind me getting to it. he told me you're going to just -- this will change your life and it really does and i just checked my fox5 weather app for charleston i've got to tell you that's where we're sending mikey, and they do have a 50% of thunderstorms down there. so we got to keep our fingers crossed that at the time of the total solar eclipse he can see something because it is worth it. i know a lot of people are going to great lengths and expense to útry to get there. charleston is just absolutely going to be overrun. that's a fun place to see it. the last place to see it on the lower 48 and
10:55 am
reason why this is a big deal, guys. we haven't had a toll solar eclipse that's gone across the lower 48 since 1918. and then the next one will be in 2024 and it goes right that was my hometown of erie, pennsylvania. but that's in april and it's always cloudy. so i'm a little worried about that one, too. that's the farthest i've ever been worried about a future forecast. >> sue, where did you get that cool t-shirt and do they have it in small. ian a small one. >> do you like it. >> yes. this is enormous on me. i got this on the ms they were selling the total solar eclipse shirts back in the day. i recently went through my closet. my eclipse shirt is still there. i'll be wearing this a lot over the next we're or so. i'm going to try to watch it locally. i'll really excited about seeing it. >> we are too. >> again, you really -- you never want tox, there's a lot of mims about looking at total solar eclipse one when i was a kid back in the '60s and my mother put us to bed, pulled down the shades in the middle of the day absolutely do in the go anywhere near a window but it was confusion
10:56 am
happen if you looked at the sun but the fact of the matter is, 365 days a year it's dangerous to lock at the sun you've got to look at it with protect. safe to use your cell phone by the way, too. be careful not to spot the sun with your eyes. >> all right. sue palka, taking us down memory lane. >> it should be fun. >> sue getting us fired you. >> good to see you sue. >> congratulations on your grand baby. >> yeah. >> all right. >> oh, my gosh. >> no grand baby yet. >> she came early. >> see you later. >> we're happy. >> all right. >> see you sue. >> thanks, guy. i'm getting really fired up about it actually. >> right? >> yeah. >> it says should be lot of fun. >> quickly zip tripping this friday gaithersburg. who is is it going to be? wisdom,. >> allison. >> allison and tucker. >> yeah. >> come on out this is this friday gaithersburg, maryland. >> come out and see us. >> going to be a good one. >> this afternoon 84, some clouds and a few showers out to the west. there might be a stray shower this afternoon but you'll notice more cloudiness and more humidity today. temps in
10:57 am
all right. our thanks to steve chenevey in charlottesville. great job today, steve. e' bac you. have a fantastic day. ♪ a delicious chew that protects for an entire month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. z2fwdz z16fz y2fwdy y16fy
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? [ applause ] we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching. welcome. [ applause ] my co-host, my studio audience.
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